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"Art, just like life, is a matter of perception. Not only must the artist understand how he sees things, he must be able to open his mind to perceiving the world id different ways."

Dan McGaw


"One of the truly wonderful things about
art-making is that it gives you permission
at any given moment,
in any given art piece
to access anything you need,
from any source you find,
to express any idea you wish,
in any form your heart desires.
You can't ask for more freedom than that."

Ted Orland

Duke Windsor 2012


Dee Marcellus Cole 2011


Jimmy Carter 2009


Harrison McIntosh 2007

Bill Catling 2013


Sue Hertel 1990


Jim Mack 1990

Chan 2012

"Just as our eyes need light in order to see,
our minds need ideas in order to create."

Nicole Malebranche

Dani Dodge 2012

Bill Attaway 1996

Leslie Codina 2012


William Ahrendt 1987


Eileen Seener 2013

John Nieto 1989


Sam Maloof 2007


Tommy Hollenstien 2013

"The key is what is within the artist.
The artist can only paint what she or he is about."

Lee Krasner

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