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  Woody Hanson - 15 September 2010    

today the first thing I did was to read the book from cover to cover. I came away impressed, motivated, inspired, and in no small way, even educated. The book provides a wonderful reading and viewing experience. It is entertaining, with fascinating stories about Milford. As if that weren't enough, lots of magnificent Zornes watercolors. Even after his passing, through his work Milford leads the way.

So Gene, congratulations on a job well done. You and your colleagues deserve to be proud of your accomplishment. I appreciate you support and encouragement throughout the entire process.

I admire and appreciate the photo you took of me and my work. You have a special, easy going manner that puts one at ease during the shooting process. With your skill at photography I think I just might look like I actually know something about watercolor So please accept my thanks for your efforts on behalf of each of us who play a supporting role in the Zornes book.

In all honesty and seriousness, I am truly honored and humbled to have my words and work included in this very special book. Furthermore, I am fortunate and thrilled to be, in some small way, directly associated with Milford, and the many magnificent artists and their work

Woody Hanson - Artist & Teacher

  Nancy DeDiemar - 14 September 2010    

This catalog is even better than last year’s. It is well written and designed, and I now understand why Bob Constant thought it should be “more scholarly” – it is really closer to a book on Milford Zornes than an exhibit catalog. The anecdotes from the artists will make this a valuable part of what has been published about Milford. Your concept of featuring living artists who were influenced by Milford has been beautifully executed in this book, and the anecdotes from the artists make this a valuable part of what has already been published about Milford. Congratulations on your concept, your execution, and your hard work!

Nancy DeDiemar - Printing Resources of Southern California

  Hope Daniels - 13 August 2010    

Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy getting your occasional newsletters, Gene. The images are always beautiful and evocative, but this time, with the flowers series, I think you've hit a new high note.

The extreme close-up of the while flower (tulip, perhaps?) in particular was absolutely stunning. It reminded me of Georgia O'Keeffee's flower paintings and nearly took my breath away.

You are GOOD! - And I am starting my day HAPPY!

Hope Daniels - Editor in Chief, AmericanStyle Magazine

  Ken Sheffer - October 2009    

I looked at the Garden as Art book. The photos made a deep impression on me as artistic creations. Absolutely terrific! Your minimalist approach with incandescent colors especially appeals to me. But those photos -- WOW! I really wasn't quite prepared for what Isaw.

I looked at your knockout architectural photography. Goodness! I now have a much better appreciation of what an exceptional photographer you truly are. And, I must say that it is comforting to know that there is a capable successor to Julius Schulman.

Ken Sheffer - Artist

  Larry Buoncristiani - September 2009    

Just as NTD Architects focuses on continued improvement on the product they deliver (institutional buildings) to assure high quality results and client satisfaction, follow up with clients is important to my business as a photographer. When Larry Buoncristiani was asked if I had captured with my lens the interesting angles, the effect of color- the elements which comprise the spirit of place, I was pleased to hear,  "It is difficult to capture the essence of a project... Gene's photography makes the school look richer." 

Larry Buoncristiani - NTD Acchitects

  Jo Lauria - 2008    

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how breathtaking your Maloof object and home interior/exterior shots are! Sam must be very pleased with your work, as you have a wonderfully sensitive eye for line, volume, and movement—the Double Rocker is very animated, looks like it could rock itself right off the page!

Jo Lauria - Chief Curator, Craft in America

  Sara Jerome - 2008

The photos look absolutely fabulous! Thanks for the variety shot way more than I was expecting. And the portrait shots are fantastic; Sam is so expressive in them. You really exceeded my expectations!

Sara Jerome -Assistant Editor, AmericanStyle Magazine


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