Indianapolis International Airport

Story by: Lydia Plunk - Photos by: Gene Sasse



Indianapolis International Airport Terminal


Indianapolis International Airport Terminal

As a photographer, I don't just follow the light. I have to get ahead of it. I have to reach a location and use the light in much the same way as a Renaissance painter would have as he painted. The goal is to use light so that the subject appears absolutely natural, but sublimely highlighted. Everyday scenes are elevated to extraordinary beauty.


t is not unusual to take an all-night flight to arrive pre-dawn to capture the light qualities unique to every longitude and latitude. The weather prediction is factored into the planning process- but it can't be guaranteed. What nature provides usually can be worked with.

Images of a product in a real life situation convey a stronger marketing message than a catalog shot. Great photography grabs the attention of your potential customer faster than text alone. On a location shoot, my mission is to capture images that will quickly promise a compelling story to the reader.
  Indianapolis International Airport Terminal Arrival Area  

Indianapolis International Airport Terminal


This particular assignment called for me to fly to the newly opened Indianapolis International Airport Terminal. Hydrel, had installed three hundred 4750 Series Linear Floods. This architecturally styled 4750 Series Floodlight is the perfect solution for projects that demand precision floodlighting and cold weather ballast options that will allow starting temperatures as low as -20° Fahrenheit made it perfect for this application.

My flight arrived in darkness, at the tail end of an ice storm. The ice outside was so slick, the plane landing in front of us skidded across it. When the sun began to rise, the outside temperature was a shivering 13 degrees F. Immediately upon arrival; I sprang into action to harness the brief moment when the quality of light was perfect to capture the lights in use.

The lit underpass underscores the safety of travelers the lights provide. Just before dawn, the terminal glows in the surrounding landscape like a full moon on a darkened night. Even without text, the images convey the safety, comfort and beauty brought to the world by Hydrel.
  Indianapolis International Airport Terminal  


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