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Story by: Lydia Plunk - Photos by: Gene Sasse



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"Photography makes a huge impact in online marketing. An eye-catching photo can make or break your campaign." 

Amy Lamping - Internet Marketing Expert

Expert marketers understand that identical products are perceived as having different value. This is because consumers make decisions not just by rational deduction, but also by emotional pull. To make a sale, the customer must first fall in love.

Falling in love long enough to make a purchase is not just an intellectual decision. It requires the imagination of the potential customer to be seduced. A high quality photograph offers the opportunity for love at first sight. In a glance, a richly colored photograph shot at an interesting angle can make the customer believe in a future filled with velvety green leaves cushioning armloads of sweetly scented blossoms.

A mediocre image of the same variety flower will not project equal value, even if the products are the same and prices are identical. Tom Carruth of  Weeks Roses  explains the value of my photography in helping his firm become known as one of the finest wholesale purveyor of roses.

"In the late 80's, Weeks Roses made the commitment to quality photography of our product.  After all, it's the photo on the label or in the catalog that makes the all-important first impression with our customers.  Our decision catapulted Weeks Roses ahead of our competitors.  And the public was quick to respond with increased demand for our varieties...especially the newer ones."

Photography also enhances falling in love with a plant at different times in its life cycle. Most consumers are driven to purchase a plant at the peak of bloom, which may not be the optimum time to transplant.  In addition, a plant which didn't sell during the peak period of beauty  may linger unsold because the plant's full potential is not known to gardeners passing by. 

Weeks Roses 2010 Cover
  Farmer Boys Billboard   When you are ready for success, you owe it to your company to hire a photographer to create the best lasting impression of your product.   


"Market your product just like you live your life. Start the journey. Keep going. Even when the going gets difficult, make the journey as beautiful as you can. Rewards will find you.

Gene Sasse 
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