The Larger the Image,

The More Important the Quality

Story by: Lydia Plunk - Photos by: Gene Sasse





    "Sometimes there is no next time, no second chance, no time outs. Sometimes it's now or never."
                                                                   Joe Montana

Large scale visual graphics magnetically pull potential clients past other exhibitors straight to your booth. When a large image wraps a vehicle, it grabs the attention of pedestrians and passengers, creating customers. While size matters, enlargement is an asset only when you start with a good image. The larger the image, the more important the image quality is. Enlarging a digital image takes time and lots of finesse to massage the image for its ultimate use.

It requires software to interpolate the pixel data to enlarge images 200 to 300% of actual size for retouching. After a file is interpolated, not only does the image expand, so do the tiniest flaws. Photoshop and Perfect Resize by onOne Software, will interpolate the upwards resolution, and keep the quality of the original image.

I was asked by Pacific Packaging to enlarge one of my images for a new trade show booth which is nothing out of the ordinary. Until I got the specs requiring a 217 inch wide image. My first reaction was "This can't be done and hold the quality of the image."  With Perfect Resize it can and it did a spectacular job as you see in the image above, taken at the trade show.
      The van above required a 80 inches wide image  


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