Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

copy: Lydia Plunk | photos: Gene Sasse

Do you ever wonder what the great writers of ancient times might have created if they only had cameras?

The creative brilliance of their intellects gave rise to myths and legends which explained ordinary physical attributes to cosmic influence.  Written in Latin and Greek –both written and spoken languages are longhand needing translation.  Ask any translator: it is an inexact exercise.  Something is generally lost in the process.

Imagine the soar of the imagination and added clarity if ancient writers owned cameras to tell their stories. There would be no interpreters fumbling words in a scramble to replicate tenor or intent. 

Example: Technically speaking, the Trona Pinnacles are calcium carbonate deposits rising from a dry lake bed in the Mohave Desert of California.  In the hands of an artist, images of  ordinary geologic formation expand the imagination.

As in life, the best moments are filled with emotion, so are the best images. Please enjoy the experience of a landscape and sky often taken for granted. 

Experience how the camera in the right hands turns the ordinary into something quite extraordinary.

"Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer"

Ansel Adams
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