US Bank Tower Sacramento, CA

Story by: Lydia Plunk - Photos by: Gene Sasse




Due to technological improvements, architectural lighting is a major growth segment for LED lighting. Renowned for low power consumption and lack of heat, their use was once limited by lack of whiteness and brightness. That has changed. Photography is the best way to show advancements in color, brightness and uses.

Chief of business development for Lighting Science Group (LSG) Zach Gibler states, "We're really starting to see LED's become an alternative light source to traditional incumbent light sources for white light applications and more general illumination."

LSG partnered with lighting artist Michael Hayden to create wonder in architecture and art in a development created upon an abandoned parking lot near the California State Capitol. Completed in 2008, the U.S. Bank Tower was named "Best New Office" by the Sacramento Business Journal in 2009. The collaboration is noted for the innovative use of LED lights specifically designed for the seven story tall lobby. 194 twenty- inch square tiles are arranged and programmed in an artistic abstraction replicating the ebb and flow of the American and Sacramento rivers which run through and around the city.

LSG needed a photographer with an understanding of the idiosyncrasies in photographing both lighting and architecture to articulate the beauty of the project. Three decades of experience have ingrained in me a sense of what to prepare for.

The floors overlooking the lobby were scouted for the angles which most attractively capture the sinuous lines of the lighting sculpture.  Massive windows, such as in this building, creates glare and mirroring issues which must be eliminated. The window of opportunity when interior and exterior lighting balance each other is calculated for digital medium. At dusk, the outside of the building was captured as the sky went to sleep. The feeling of "being there" captured in images, creates desire for my client's lighting products.

Never underestimate the value of imagery in growing your business. 

US Bank Tower Sacramento, CA


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