"To me, photography is an art of observation.
It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place…
I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see
and everything to do with the way you see them"
- Elliott Erwitt

Spring 2024 Assignments  
1- portrait | Open
2- still-life | Food

3- portrait | Surreal

4- portrait | 9 Portraits
5- still-life | Sunflowers & Fruit
6- still-life | HO Size People
7-portrait | Wide Horizontal 
8- Still-life | Abstract
9- Portrait | The Son of Man
Fred Flora
10- Still-life | Still Life of your life
11- Still-life | Light Painting
12- Portrait | Unique
Photo-14 Syllabus-2024  

Photo 14 Student Samples

Exciting Portraits  
Cindy Hernandez
Portraits With One Light  
Stages Food Photography Shoot  
Still Life Lighting  
Still Life  
7 Tips Fashion Photography  
Creative Directional Lighting & Portraiture  
Creative Self Portraits  
Ivan Solano
Thoughts on Life  
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